@Rose Luqiu Luwei: I’ve been resisting the urge to post program’s preview…for fear of their (IBM’s) PR

@Rose Luqiu Luwei: I’ve been resisting the urge to post the previous item on the microblog regarding the program’s preview, for fear of the program’s cancellation through the influence by their (IBM’s) PR, because it has happened to other media outlets lately. But as I was thinking this, I received an anonymous call trying to uncover the “motives” behind our program. Here’s my answer: the program in question focuses on depression, and not on external affairs. Satisfied, “anon”?

Rose, Luqiu Luwei is the renowned senior executive reporter, editor and news anchor star on Phoenix Television. Last weekend, she delivered a 30 minute program on Phoenix TV which introduced my story and current dilemma. Notice of the upcoming program was only posted on the microblog two hours before the program’s airing. How effective is IBM’s PR!

The IBM China PR team have been pressing their influence on NOT ONLY the media… …

We have absolutely no idea how, as an foreign company in this Country, they are able to manipulate the medias and OTHERS to cover their own scandals and crimes. Through money or more money? And why are they putting in so much effort? What are they afraid of exposing? Just a depressed former employee/recent graduate with no background?

The following is the article I put 4 months ago:

@Yu Jianrong: I’ve surprisedly received quite a few phone calls recently from friends and acquaintances. They told me in flat not to get involved with some reasons as the matter is complicated. I’ve been on the sina mini-blog for 5 months and never encountered anything like this. My impression is: IBM is very influential indeed!

Mr. Yu tweet these words on sina microblog just 2 days after he gave a first tweet of criticizing what IBM China did in the 4 years’ dispute of me and IBM China.


Mr. Yu won his reputation for his defending of vulnerable people in society when law became ineffective, becoming one of the most popular public persons recent years for saving kidnapped children around the Country. He has over 500,000 followers on sina microblog.

Sina microblog in China is as influential as Twitter in the USA and many other Countries.

About Yuan Yi Peng (袁毅鹏)

An abandoned IBMer for his Depression
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One Response to @Rose Luqiu Luwei: I’ve been resisting the urge to post program’s preview…for fear of their (IBM’s) PR

  1. zhang zhi says:

    Can you sue IBM in U.S?

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