Report of IBM China buying over the Stability Maintenance Office, for its business show purpose

Report of IBM China HQ, buying over with the Stability Maintenance Office, committed illegal conduction, for the purpose of its Centennial business show

1. As multiple police records, my family members are not petitioners. We have NOT ANY conflicts of interest with Qingshan District, Wuhan .
Because of the very special nature of Stability Maintenance Offices, they should have NEVER severed for a foreign company in China, not to mention that they committed crimes for business reasons.

2. Describing IBM illegal facts on its Centennial

2011/6/16, at 11:00 am, my mother Zhao was in front of IBM Beijing R&D Center, Huanyu Plaza . Suddenly she was forcefully brought into a van by some people including staffs in IBM China. According to a witness reported by Media, “Those individuals walked up to her, and then she was almost carried to the van. She even lost a shoe during struggling… it was really sad to watch.” They pushed my mother onto the bottom of the van for the whole process avoid been seen by others. People involved included but not limited to Zhi Li, who is responsible for IBM GCG HQ safety, and Yuanyuan Wan, who works with IBM Legal/HR department. Both are formal IBM GCG HQ staffs.

After 10 minutes drive, the van stopped outside of an Internet café. Then there was a lawyer from Beijing Jun He law firm, which commissioned by IBM, got into the van and took this advantage of threatening to sign an agreement for “ not to pursue ”, but was refused by my mother. At 6 pm, it has been 8 hours, my mother was driven to another location and was finally freed. At the parting one of these people even said, “We knew that your family were not petitioners.”

As we knew later, IBM China held one “small Centennial gatherings” on that day at Huanyu Plaza from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm, which was in accordance with the illegal detention time. The party was reported by a variety of Media invited by IBM, and had a live webcast. People who attended included IBM GCG CEO D.C. Chien, VP of Comms Gill Zhou, and all GCG leader team members. Who also attended were a few general employees, most Medias in IT domain, well-known people, business partners, and college students. The whole propaganda was more in line with a marketing activity, for business purposes.

3. Pan, the Director of Stability Maintenance Office of Qingshan District, Wuhan, assassinating IBM with the illegal conduction with his followers

My parents later reported to the police station of Haidian District, Beijing. After a preliminary investigation, the police started to ignore the case, and did not produce the case reporting materials regulated by law. Accompanied by journalists, my parents then came to the local Procuratorate. The officer was astonished by what IBM did, and said “The police should have produced the investigation. Even if they did not believe it was a crime, they should produce a reporting file according to the law.” The police finally began doing their job, and then we were shocked by the words from a police chief, “We know exactly who carried out the forceful conduction. Besides IBM employees, there were government officials from Stability Maintenance Office of Qingshan District, Wuhan.”

One year has passed after that, we have not yet got any further information from the police. In this case, we have to turn to the voice recordings of them. The audio content includes:

a. ” The case has already been investigated thoroughly. Pan, the Director of Stability Maintenance Office of Qingshan district, Wuhan participated in the conduction with his followers” ;
b. ” We can’t not tell you how IBM GCG HQ was able to have such power of summoning up government officials from Stability Maintenance Office on that day”;
c. “The surveillance video of the forceful conduction is in our (Beijing police) hand. It will be permanently retained as evidence according to the law. But we can’t give it to you” ;
d. ” Why are they so arrogant?” ” They are government officials!” “We were referring to IBM.” “IBM is rich!”

Pan and his followers committed the conduction under the leadership of IBM staffs on the day of its Centennial:

a. What they did was nothing to do with their responsibilities or duties as government officials. What kinds of “interests” were driving them behind this crime if there were not power-for-money deals?
b. It had been eight hours of illegal detention in the van. My mother had not been freed until the IBM staff on the other side of the line confirmed the gatherings had been ended by phone. What sort of “State Stability Maintenance” was approached by this way?
c. The photos taken on that day proved that all IBM GCG leader team members attended the gatherings. Which level of Executive could have such capability of and dare organize this illegal conduction?

4. Not dare go home even during Chinese New Year

Have been persecuted by IBM for five years after the winning of anti-discrimination case (see Media reports), my family only has a house as the remaining property which located in the Qingshan District, Wuhan. Due to the very special nature of Stability Maintenance Offices, and the omission of the Law Enforcement Departments, now we were even afraid to go home during Chinese New Year. We have been hiding in the other cities, but still are in the fear of another illegal conduction or something more horrible in order to keep our mouth shout (based on the power and nature of Stability Maintenance Offices). The total rent and the minimum maintenance of medication fee already exceed my parent’s pensions, which are the only living source for my family during these years. There is no hope to survive.

How can IBM GCG HQ ever have such power of manipulate Stability Maintenance Offices for its own use? Which Law Enforcement Department dares to restrict IBM when colluded with corrupted Stability Maintenance Offices on this land?

The first draft was wrote in the Eve of Chinese New Year

About Yuan Yi Peng (袁毅鹏)

An abandoned IBMer for his Depression
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2 Responses to Report of IBM China buying over the Stability Maintenance Office, for its business show purpose

  1. Diane says:

    If you want out of the country, go to the US Embassy in China, ask for their help. Don’t do anything to harm yourself, I can feel your pain but we need to think of smart ways to get you out of there so that you can lead a good life. I know you may feel that hurting you is your only way out but it is not. We need to think of ways of doing this legally. I have been learning of ways to help you but I can’t help you unless you helps yourself. Please, don’t hurt yourself any longer, be strong and stand tall. You are not a bad person and it will not help your family if you hurt yourself. I wish there was another way for me to communicate with you and get you help.

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